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Exclusive experiences made of emotions.

Exclusive experiences made of emotions.

25 March 2021 2023-06-06 14:35


Traveling enriches our personal luggage, that never too full backpack that we unwittingly carry on our shoulders. It does not weigh, indeed it is that container that creates space to be filled with new experiences. The greatest gift of a journey is knowledge and with it the memory that we can share with those waiting for us at home or with those we meet on our wanderings in this magnificent world.
So, here it is again that the boutique hotel is once again playing its role in paving the way for the discovery of the new. A small selection, constantly updated, of experiences to live here: in Stresa, on Lake Maggiore and in the many places that animate it. There is no need to be original, there is nothing wrong with tourist guides, the important thing is the spirit with which each experience is lived.

Local cuisine tasting

You cannot say lake fish isn't good until you've tasted it. Perch alla Borromea, antipasti in carpione, risotto with lake fish. And then the Margheritine di Stresa, a secret and unusual recipe in the world of pastry ... The kitchen is one of the most immediate visiting cards of a place and to say that you have been there you have to savor the local recipes.

Inspirational yoga

A panoramic terrace, that of Hotel Sempione, the sunrise and practice. A way of connecting to one's inner being and to the outside world, with calmness but with determination. The best way to start the day.

Bike and e-bike tours

The contact with nature, much sought after and much needed today. A bit of effort will be certainly rewarded by the landscapes that the slopes surrounding Lake Maggiore offers: green expanses, with small agglomerations of stone houses or barren mountain bike paths: there is certainly a destination but what counts is immersion in the quiet of these places.
Rental and organization of the excursion with expert guides.

Tour of the Borromean gulf

Three islands, Bella, Madre e Superiore dei Pescatori, two of which owned by the Borromeo family adorned with splendid residences and princely palaces rich in history, treasures and surrounded by some of the most beautiful gardens in the world. A riot of colors and scents expertly cared for and cultivated. That feeling of being here but also elsewhere. The floating fishing village, from which the only of the three islands that does not belong to the noble family of Milan, is a world in miniature, full of the oldest fishing tradition of Lake Maggiore. Narrow alleys and the scent of the numerous restaurants lead to the destination of the flavors of local dishes. Large white public service boats or smaller motorboats, the famous small boats, regulate the traffic to and from the islands every day all day. Of course, a private cruise with an aperitif at sunset though… it's a dream!

The seven lakes from the top of the mountain

A panoramic road through the dense alpine vegetation leads to the summit of Mottarone, 1492mt. In addition to the coolness and the breeze, from its top you can enjoy a view capable of putting your thoughts back in order. Seven lakes that can be admired on clear days and the glitter of the statue of the Madonnina of the Milan Cathedral. Restaurants and shelters cook the other side of local cuisine, made of meat and stews. Halfway from Stresa an incredible alpine botanical garden, a famous flowered balcony on the lake, will show some of the infinite gifts of Mother Nature.

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